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Conventions (or "cons" in the vernacular) are part of the lifeblood of fandom. They provide fans ("fen") an opportunity to get together with people who share common interests, meet a favorite author or television/movie star, and if nothing else, rest content in the knowledge that although they may be weird after all, at least they're not alone.

On these pages you'll find listings for conventions dedicated to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, and more. Can't find the particular convention you're looking for? Let me know , and I'll look into adding it.

Naturally, you should contact the convention organizers to get the most up to date information. When calling by phone, don't call collect and don't call too late in the evening (many organizers list their home phone numbers). When writing for information, it's often a good idea to include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Thank you to everyone who's contributed information to the list. Special thanks to: